Vendor: IPKN


  • The new way off applying make-up with precision and and finesse to the skin resulting in a flawless coverage.
  • Ultra fine gentle vibration (12,000 rpm/min) The flexible vibrating applicator follows the contour of your face to provide optimum coverage. compatible with an brand of liquid / cream make up type.
  • Innovative antibacterial puff easy to clean and replace. Latex free micro fine puff offers superior oil resistance, allowing for even distribution of the product without absorbing and clagging pores.
  • Provides a hygienic rubicell puff for full coverage.
  • How to use - To operate, slide the button to turn on. Dab 1-2 times to obtain BB cream or foundation on to the puff. Start from cheeks and forehead. Spread evenly across entire face. Retouch areas as needed. Slide the button to turn off after use.
Orders may take between 24-48 hours to process.
We accept returns within 14 days of receiving the items. Customers are responsible for all return shipping postages, unless the items are defects or our faults. (Returns will not be accepted without a Return Authorization number.) Due to the nature of the products, all returns must be in NEW, UNOPENED and UNUSED condition. This policy has been put in place due to strict health and safety reasons. The warehouse will inspect merchandise sent back for a refund and reserves the right to reject returns.

Please contact I-World customer service department to have return authorization number.
Department: I-World customer service
Email: customersevice@iworldus.com
Phone: 562-333-8284

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